Monthly Archives: October 2002

Poem: Mary Was Such a Good Employee

Mary, was such a good employee. She worked ten or more hours a day. Whenever they had an emergency, Mary was willing to stay. Bob was a good employee too. His work was his heart and soul. No limit to … Continue reading

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Song: Liberty Is A Tree That Must Be Watered

Liberty is a tree that must be watered, with the blood of patriot men who will be slaughtered to reclaim the rights the cowardly have bartered. Yes, Liberty is a tree that must be watered. The government should keep our … Continue reading

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Fire in the Flint

Walter White’s novel, Fire in the Flint was originally published in 1924. While White hoped “that sales of the book would show white publishers that colored people would buy books if publishers dared to bring out those which tell the … Continue reading

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