Poem: Patter upon an Umbrella

Whilst I strolled one summer Sunday, came a tree within my reach.
Overarched like an umbrella, I there picked myself a peach.
From the path a gentle lady did observe my moral breach.
I approached her hoping she would not my character impeach.

In her hand, she wielded artfully a flowerèd umbrella.
I considered that a whack from it would likely hurt a fella’,
Whether it should land upon my pate or glance off my patella.
I began with peach in hand to serenade her a cappella:

“Your umbrella like a sword has pierced my heart forevermore.
Take this peach, a token of my love, the first of many more.
Take my hand, and you and I through life, this wide world will explore.”
“Take a hike”, she said, “For I have seen your kind of man before.”

Oh, Alas alack, I failed to win that signorina bella.
Had I though, our story surely would have made a great novella.
Take a tip from me before you go and pick your Dardanella,
And avoid one with a heart unfriendly as a closed umbrella

About Louis William Rose

“I am an advocate for Liberty. What I do for Liberty I do not do for profit or fame. I seek no office other than the office of parliamentarian, and no reward other than for myself and my fellow men and women to live in a free country.” Louis William Rose is a lifelong student of parliamentary procedure and political process. He has served as parliamentarian for various organizations. A political philosopher, poet, singer, and writer, his articles have been published on-line and in pro-liberty papers in Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Montana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of North Florida, graduating summa cum laude in 2004, with an additional two years of graduate work in political philosophy. Mr. Rose is an outspoken supporter of the basic rights of man, especially freedom of speech, association, religion, individual rights to personal defense and property, and of republican, constitutional forms of government. He is married to the lovely Jamy Sue Rose, an award winning nature photographer and a Florida Master Naturalist and guide. He has two sons, Edward, a hydroponic farmer in the panhandle of Florida, and Alexander, a successful real estate developer.
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