A Response to UNF President John Delaney’s Endorsement of the Jacksonville City Council Bill 2012-296

Originally Published in the Jacksonville Times Union

A Response to UNF President John Delaney’s Endorsement of the Jacksonville City Council Bill 2012-296 banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Did they have an invocation at the Sodom City Council?
Did they all elect to bow their heads and pray?
When the boys all finished voting and each one put down his pencil,
Did they wish the vote had gone the other way?

When the meeting was adjourned, and they left to have their last meal,
Do you think they took the time to offer thanks?
Very smart, sophisticated, drinking wine; each one a big wheel,
They were healthy and had money in their banks.

When the horror came upon them, you can bet it made their heads reel,
Yeah, they really meant it that time when they prayed.
But their hope was all in vain, they could not before the Lord kneel,
For too late their sins were on the altar laid.

Now I don’t expect the Council will repeal the First Amendment.
Or that morals will usurp their civic zeal.
But for those whose hope in heaven is upon the Lord dependent,
Put Him first and your determination steel.

I am dissapointed that Mr. Delaney has formally come out in favor of 2012-296.

In my opinion, it is unlikely that if it were put to a vote, the Republican Executive Committee of Duval would agree that Mr. Delaney is a conservative Republican. He is a tax and spend liberal, and whenever I have heard his name mentioned in rank and file Republican circles it has been with gnashing of teeth. But while onerous to good Republicans, it is still no sin to be a tax and spend liberal.

I am personally relieved that while he proclaims himself religious, he did not go so far as to say he was a Christian. I am a grievious sinner, in every way imaginable. I condemn no one, and agree with Barry G that we should all live and let live. But I do not think we should go so far as to call good, evil and evil, good. Of all the many sins I am guilty of, I do not think any should be included in an anti-discrimination statute. It is no sin to be a woman, or black, or a Jew, or eighty years old. These things by right should not be discriminated against. But it is a sin to practice homsexuality, or adultery, or thievery, and the like. These things should not be upheld as lawful by statute.

Our Republic, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution are dependent on a moral, responsible society to observe them and obey them. But now we live in a immmoral criminal oligarchy, of which Jacksonville is a microcosmic example. Soon, it seems to me that it will become necessary to set aside those noble ideas, and fall to the Hurculean task of cleaning out the Aegean stable of corruption that once was America.

About Louis William Rose

“I am an advocate for Liberty. What I do for Liberty I do not do for profit or fame. I seek no office other than the office of parliamentarian, and no reward other than for myself and my fellow men and women to live in a free country.” Louis William Rose is a lifelong student of parliamentary procedure and political process. He has served as parliamentarian for various organizations. A political philosopher, poet, singer, and writer, his articles have been published on-line and in pro-liberty papers in Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Montana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of North Florida, graduating summa cum laude in 2004, with an additional two years of graduate work in political philosophy. Mr. Rose is an outspoken supporter of the basic rights of man, especially freedom of speech, association, religion, individual rights to personal defense and property, and of republican, constitutional forms of government. He is married to the lovely Jamy Sue Rose, an award winning nature photographer and a Florida Master Naturalist and guide. He has two sons, Edward, a hydroponic farmer in the panhandle of Florida, and Alexander, a successful real estate developer.
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