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Why does a gentleman stop and allow a lady to pass before him?

As a human, we are all born of women. I had a mother (despite persistent rumors to the contrary) and have an obligation of reverence and gratitude to her. This obligation applies to all women, for I would have all … Continue reading

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Villanelle: To Say it Using Just a Villanelle

It was a story much too long to tell. So carefully, he chose the words to say. To say it using just a villanelle. He’d met her, but he didn’t know her well. A married woman, she was known to … Continue reading

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Sonnet: To Those Who Rush to Praise Us

To those who rush to praise us when we say they should do what is right in their own eyes. All men or women having their own way to live precisely as they would surmise. To those who laud our … Continue reading

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