Poem: Texting and Driving

TextToday to text and drive is deemed taboo.
Get caught and a citation will ensue.
But I remember things I used to do,
Without a cell phone to send text to you.

I’d read a magazine or paperback.
The steering wheel became my reading rack.
I’d tear out pages from the front to back,
And thus where I left off I would keep track.

On mornings when against the clock I’d race,
I’d use a wind-up razor for my face.
My breakfast plate was perched on my briefcase,
I drank my coffee, ate, and left no trace.

I’d compose memos, collate reports,
Or change my socks, my shirt, my tie, my shorts!
Or contemplate and memorize retorts,
To hurl at bosses who were out of sorts.

Young ladies driving with me might distract,
Played slap and tickle, to be more exact.
At times I’d win a kiss or else a smack,
And through it all I never drove off track.

So texting while I drive seems a bit tame,
And writing verse while motoring, the same.
I hope my driving skills you’ll not defame.
If I press “Send” and crash, I’ll take the blame.

About Louis William Rose

“I am an advocate for Liberty. What I do for Liberty I do not do for profit or fame. I seek no office other than the office of parliamentarian, and no reward other than for myself and my fellow men and women to live in a free country.” Louis William Rose is a lifelong student of parliamentary procedure and political process. He has served as parliamentarian for various organizations. A political philosopher, poet, singer, and writer, his articles have been published on-line and in pro-liberty papers in Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Montana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of North Florida, graduating summa cum laude in 2004, with an additional two years of graduate work in political philosophy. Mr. Rose is an outspoken supporter of the basic rights of man, especially freedom of speech, association, religion, individual rights to personal defense and property, and of republican, constitutional forms of government. He is married to the lovely Jamy Sue Rose, an award winning nature photographer and a Florida Master Naturalist and guide. He has two sons, Edward, a hydroponic farmer in the panhandle of Florida, and Alexander, a successful real estate developer.
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1 Response to Poem: Texting and Driving

  1. Michael says:

    From one unknown poet to another: good job. I’ve done most of those things, and others, as I drove. With our new Tiguan, we have a new distraction: the sunroof, which fascinates me. Perhaps if I crash mightily enough, I will be hurled skyward, and if the pre-trib-rapture-dispensationalists turn out to be right, maybe I will keep on hurtling upward, but that would all take impeccable timing.



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