So Many Religions – Why Christianity?

My dear friend, Dr. Levitt asks, “So only the Christian Religion is the one and only true religion? Only Christians know who is the one and only God? Jews? Mormons? Hindu’s? Buddhists? Muslims? Atheists? Everyone is all wrong but Christians? Isn’t it a bit expected that you live in a country that is 80% or so “Christian?” Do you really think you would take the same position if you were born Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc?”

First, let us set the boundaries. I maintain that I live in a metaphysical world, not an existential one. So unless you agree on that basic premise, all that follows is moot.

Allowing a metaphysical world, I would suggest that there is activity not only on the physical plane, but also on the spiritual one. Archangels, angels, demons, principalities and powers, seraphs, cherubs and the like are engaged in various activities that directly impact what is occurring on earth at any particular time. God exists and there is only one and He cares about His creation and interacts with it being omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

Next categories and denominations. Not everyone who says they are a Jew, Christian, Morman, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist really is one. I would suggest that most are just followers, hangers on, nominal adherents. They really don’t believe much of anything. So what we should focus on are the true believers, the cognoscenti, the illuminati, what we in the reformed faith call, “the elect.”

Now the Orthodox Jews and the conservative Christians don’t disagree on all that much. The major contention is on whether Messiah, The Christ has come or is yet to come. The Jews have always maintained that there is only one God and that He must be worshiped in spirit and in truth as a Jew if one expects to please Him. God has not forgotten the Jews and will yet redeem them as He promised. Christians are of the same mind, with one exception, that we believe the Christ has already come from Heaven , risen from the dead, returned to Heaven, and now the Spirit of God which in past times regularly descended and rested upon the Prophets, now actively dwells within the believer. More on this later.

Our message as Christians is that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, and that there is no way to Heaven and God the Father except thru Him. The meaning of the old saying that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” points this out. As for the rest, while their religions may have certain beneficial effects here on earth, others are exceptionally deleterious, and all fail in meeting the demands of God for eternal salvation. They are on their way to Hell unless they repent and embrace Messiah as their mediator.

As to the last point, all over the earth we find Jews because of the diaspora, and we find Christians because of the active moving of the Holy Spirit, lately great revivals in Africa and in the Middle East. So yes, I would expect to have become a Christian there just as any of the elect become Christians, by having God himself in the person of the Holy Spirit speak to them and awaken them.

Imagine if you will I am going to a costume party as a horse. I have the whole costume, but it will take two to make it perfect. Until the other person comes, I am just a horse’s ass walking about on two legs, carrying an empty head.

Before I became a Christian I did not know, nor could I imagine what God was like, or that He might love me and want to care for me. But when I became a Christian, God in the person of the Holy Spirit entered into the costume that is my body and filled out the head of the horse and the front two legs. Now we are a proper horse and can go to the party. I am still a horse’s ass, but now with God as my Head it is a lot better.

So I am here in this body, and God is physically here with me and I hear His voice. How could I ever deny that? How could you ever believe it, until it happened to you?

Originally posted February 16, 2016

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