Six Critical Five-Year Periods of Human Life

Buddha is reported to have said, “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Of course, Buddha ran out of time, just as all of us will sooner or later.

To help overcome this, I have developed a chart which I call,


 This is a look at the average life as I have experienced it, and perceive it to be for all men and women in all places at all times.  Of course, there are exceptions, many of them! Nevertheless, I think this chart worth a look especially for those just beginning their journey.   It makes the claim that you only have about thirty years to accomplish anything, so get to it!  In the past when I have worked with younger people, I hand out copies of the chart with an arrow pointing to where I am located on it in red.  I hand out red pencils so that they can mark an arrow pointing to where they are located.

We begin with Infancy which is applied to the years 0 – 20.  During this time, you know little or nothing and pretty much do what you are told.  (That is why they call it Infantry, right?)

The years 20 – 30 are normally when one is getting a real education or learning a trade which is why I call them the Neophyte years.  Years 30 – 40 are the Adept years during which we work at our professions, and years 40 – 50 the Master years.  If an individual is to make a lasting mark in this world, he or she will probably do it then.

From 20 – 35 we are typically in the process of marrying, child rearing, and career building.

From 35 – 50 we are typically in the process of child launch and creating our masterpiece.

That is, if we get to do any of these things at all in what is a very brief 30 year period.

From 50 – 70 we may properly be said to be in our dotage.   Psalm 90:10 tells us: The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away.   

Retirement age in this country is at age 65 and both males and females on average live into their 80’s.   Still, I do not think that age 50 is too early to begin to consider the more important matters of life and death.  Most important is to realize how blindingly fast time passes at that age.

I hope that the chart and this explanation will be of some use to you.

A copy of the chart may be downloaded here

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