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Where Will I be in Fifteen Years?

Where will I be in fifteen years? You sure ask complex questions. I can’t exactly pin it down, But here’s a few suggestions: Advertisements

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Her Name was Katie

Katie, was a cashier at the local supermarket in a town where I once lived in upstate New York. She was in her late twenties, still just a girl, as any of the ladies in their forties will tell you. … Continue reading

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Their Hands Upon the Ropes: A Look at E.M Forster’s “Howards End”

Within the first twenty-eight chapters of the novel, Howards End, by E.M.Forster, the author employs six variations of the idiomatic expression “hands upon the ropes” in connection with the two sisters, Margaret and Helen Schlegel, Leonard Bast, and Henry Wilcox, … Continue reading

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