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Liberty and Non Aggression

Liberty is expanded by the free exchange of information and freedom of association. Nevertheless Tyranny is easier. I observe this constantly as a parliamentarian. The right to bear arms protects the right of free speech, religion, association, and petition, all … Continue reading

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A New Name for the Redskins

Certainly appropriate for the city where in they are based. Go Traitors! Go away, please…

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Thoughts on the Militia for a New Republic

We constantly hear about the second half of the Second Amendment, an independent clause which guarantees us the absolute right, free from any legislative impingement, to keep and bear arms. All laws to the contrary in my opinion are unconstitutional, … Continue reading

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Why does a gentleman stop and allow a lady to pass before him?

As a human, we are all born of women. I had a mother (despite persistent rumors to the contrary) and have an obligation of reverence and gratitude to her. This obligation applies to all women, for I would have all … Continue reading

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Can a constitution put limits on a government?

Originally posted on On the Mark:
John C. Calhoun, was one of North America’s first political theorists and he wrote about the inability of a constitution to limit government. He points out that no document, not even if written on…

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The Business of Government

Originally published in the Jacksonville Observer Recently Mayor Peyton sent everyone an e-mail in which he said that it was his intention to run the City of Jacksonville like a business. The problem is that the City of Jacksonville should … Continue reading

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