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LGBT Rights and the First Amendment

From Muhammad Ibn Abdullah to Joel Osteen the world seems awash with false prophets. This is why it is so important to be able to say whatever we want, to believe whatever we want about God, or not to believe, to publish whatever we want to publish, to associate with those whom we wish, and to shun those with whom we do not. Continue reading

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Management, Labor, and the Union

We recognize that there is a fundamental difference between management and labor. Being part of labor means that, at least for right now, you are destined to make your way through life with a little less than you’d hoped for. … Continue reading

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Poem: The Afrocentric Pejorative

Now everybody knows there is a word you cannot say. It is much worse than other words that fill us with dismay. Greater by far than Kike, or Wop, or Dot-Head, or Ofay. Grave consequences loom for those who put … Continue reading

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