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LGBT Rights and the First Amendment

From Muhammad Ibn Abdullah to Joel Osteen the world seems awash with false prophets. This is why it is so important to be able to say whatever we want, to believe whatever we want about God, or not to believe, to publish whatever we want to publish, to associate with those whom we wish, and to shun those with whom we do not. Continue reading

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Racism, Politics, and Ax Handle Saturday

I am not exactly sure why we should be celebrating a day when a bunch of black folk got beat up by a bunch of white folk with ax handles. I think it is unlikely to happen again given Republican … Continue reading

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I Want to Live in a City…

Originally published in the Jacksonville Observer Mayor John Peyton has been fighting a battle with the people of Jacksonville over his irrational desire to raise taxes during a recession. The overwhelming majority of taxpayers don’t want a tax increase and … Continue reading

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Address to the Duval County School Board

Good evening. My name is Louis William Rose. Thank you for agreeing to hear me. After a year of teaching high school as a non-education major, I have come to tell you why I will not be back. If the … Continue reading

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Sonnet: Tree Hill

I think I’ll wander up to old Tree Hill to spend a few unhurried hours there and walk the trails until I get my fill of butterflies and scented woodland air Above the birds and squirrels make their nest turtles … Continue reading

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