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On Rebellion

“I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”[1] These are the words of Howard Beale in “Network”. The American movie classic is about an aging network broadcaster who rebels against the corporate oligarchy and subsequently … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Procedure the Cornerstone of Liberty

Originally Published in the St Augustine Town Crier The word comes from the Old French, eleventh century “parlement” translated as “talking” and the suffix “ary”, again from the French “of or belonging to.” The word parliamentary means a way of … Continue reading

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Make No Mistake, It’s Still Liberty or Death!

Originally published in the Jacksonville Observer I know that I am the odd man out when I say I could care less about the Jaguars. But given that, you must admit that professional football is a fantasy world where the … Continue reading

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Song: Liberty Is A Tree That Must Be Watered

Liberty is a tree that must be watered, with the blood of patriot men who will be slaughtered to reclaim the rights the cowardly have bartered. Yes, Liberty is a tree that must be watered. The government should keep our … Continue reading

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