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All Lives Matter, If You Don’t Think So, Maybe Yours Doesn’t Matter So Much

Life is cheap. That’s the truth. Hundreds of thousands die every day, some violently, some ignominiously, some of old age or sickness, some in infancy or the prime of life. All tragically. Today you are alive, and your life matters, … Continue reading

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Poem: Rhonda Running Fast

R eflections of her stormy past H aunt her loveliness O ur farmer’s daughter running fast N ow is come her test D ream sweet Rhonda, dream A nd carefully wish for what you really mean

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Poem: Straddling God’s Thigh

Straddling God’s Thigh I can laugh today, straddling God’s thigh. In spite of what my eye may see, I’m safe there, perched upon His knee. I lay back with a sigh. I don’t understand, everything I’ve done. The circumstances that … Continue reading

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