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Parliamentary Procedure the Cornerstone of Liberty

Originally Published in the St Augustine Town Crier The word comes from the Old French, eleventh century “parlement” translated as “talking” and the suffix “ary”, again from the French “of or belonging to.” The word parliamentary means a way of … Continue reading

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What is Wrong

Originally published in the Jacksonville Observer It seems to me that things are terribly wrong and that my fellow citizens are slipping back into the abyss of subjection and slavery. This is a non-partisan observation. I am not laying the … Continue reading

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Rose’s Political Continuum

Originally published in the Florida Student Philosophy Blog As a political philosopher, I believe that one of my tasks is to reduce complicated issues to basic principles. Hence this graphic. It represents my conclusions on the opposing ideas of war … Continue reading

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On Parliamentary Procedure

Liberty is the ability to do what I want, when I want, without interference, in order that some good may be accomplished. Politics is the interaction with others in an attempt to influence the outcome of events. A large part … Continue reading

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